Monday, 2 February 2015

"The values of clinical practice" Campaign for doctors in training

The Clinical Management Section of the Catalan Society of Health Care Management (SCGS) has just released a video to promote the values of the clinical practice among physicians in training.

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I would like to highlight 10 keys that, according to the video, should allow a generational change in the practice of medicine:
  1. Learn to listen patients and appreciate what their circumstances are.
  2. Forget about persuasion and learn the technique of motivational interviewing.
  3. Help patients to make clinical decisions for themselves.
  4. Rate the burden of treatment and learn to deprescribe whenever necessary.
  5. Take the time for clinical reasoning and adopt the Bayesian probabilistic thinking.
  6. Request tests that make sense clinically, thinking about the value they will bring.
  7. Learn to teamwork, specially when facing complex patients.
  8. Watch out for overdiagnosis when practicing prevention and share it with target people.
  9. Incorporate palliative methodology in your clinical practice and know how to have the proper conversation about the end of life with patients and their families.
  10. Know how to get the "Right Care" sources.
Main "Right Care" sources
From this blog I wish the campaign "The values of clinical practice", promoted by the Clinical Management Section of the SCGS, to echo, both in medical schools and medical residents programmes.

Jordi Varela

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  1. superb list, Jordi! your sources list also my opened my eyes to one or two I hadn't yet encountered.

    I am trying to curate all the various projects, conferences, people, etc. on my site as there is so much going on in this field around the world.

    I would suggest you check out the Lown Institute who formally use the "right care" phrase and who have a conference that I'll be attending next week (

    - Jessica Otte