Monday, 9 February 2015

Adjusting contracts to the value provided by services

Dr. Josep Vidal-Alaball is a family doctor trained in England and passionate about public and community health. He’s a keen Twitterer, very active in innovation.

The link in Dr. Vidal Alaball’s tweet, directs us to the English National Health Service’ website, named "Right Care", where it is stated that the purpose of the health system is to deliver more value to people’s health and, according to this statement, proposes that service contracts should be adjusted in-line with this value (Commissioning for value) and clarifies that the NHS adopts Michael Porter’s definition of value: clinical outcomes in relation to costs.

The recipe for "Commissioning for value" seems logical: the variations are observed; what can be changed is analyzed (according to the chart above) and then possible changes are determined.

It has been a while since the Brits strive to see how services with clinical sense can be brought about, although at this point, despite attempts such as the one presented to us by Dr. Vidal-Alaball, we’re still yet to see a consistent funding model based on the value of the clinical actions.

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