Monday, 30 November 2015

Personal health data: a new treasure for science

At seeing a survey by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) one fact stands out: 94% of Americans who are diagnosed with a chronic disease and are also social network users would be willing to donate their data to encourage research thus helping other patients like them.

In this context, the website "PatientsLikeMe", the most developed patients social network in the world, has launched a campaign to encourage the donation of data, so I invite you to see this promotional video: "Your data has a heartbeat that gives life to medical research.”

In the video, Jamie Heywood, a founder of PatientsLikeMe, invites several ill people to get involved in a new health system focused on people and a take on a campaign for the donation of personal health data. "Your experience can contribute to a better understanding of practiced medicine," is the motto.

In all fields of science, the treatment of large databases is offering new perspectives hitherto unthinkable. Medicine should not be left out of this and for this reason we should overcome the obstacle of mistrust. The Americans are doing it in their own way, by involving the patient in the decision. How about us? What is our way?

Jordi Varela


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