Monday, 29 June 2015

Complex Chronic Patients: UK progress in funding

Director of King'sFund, Chris Ham’s tweet, takes us to Sam Everington’s article in The Guardian, about new experiences of financing (commissioning) towards community services deployed to address chronic complex patients in their own homes, even in episodes of clinical exacerbations, and thus avoiding likely unwise hospitalizations.

The landscape that illustrates the article corresponds to the borough of Tower Hamlets, a location where a program coordinated with family physicians, nurse practitioners, social services, mental health specialists and other community services is being developed. These Tower Hamlets’ teams, when addressing complex chronic care patients have the capacity to deploy home hospitalization services, according to individualized treatment plans discussed and approved in the socio-clinical monthly sessions.

According to Everington, to enable this kind of experience of integration of community services to flourish, funders should lose their fear of the traditional contractual rigidities and should be able to support with ad hoc contracts which, instead of relying on activities, would reward coordination efforts and results’ improvements.

Complex chronic patients need integrated services developed by enthusiastic professionals and funded by collaborating administrators, or so the experience shows.

Jordi Varela


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