Monday, 13 October 2014

Rethinking the doctor’s appointment

Thomas Goetz, the author of the this tweet, has been executive director of "Wired" magazine (a reference in the world of technology and futurism), and he has joined the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). According to him, he now intends to implement innovative concepts that he has been promoting from "Wired" to see the intellectual production of RWJF, surely he will succeed.

The chosen tweet refers us to the RWJF Blog where he writes that the doctor's office is a place where the real value activity is being conducted and recognizes that the doctor's office is the most important resource of the health system. But then he adds from his particular vision, that in fact this resource has many details yet to be improved: the information between the parties is asymmetric, the communication is full of misunderstandings and as a result, often the patient leaves the office having heard, but not having understood some fact that then reduces a lot the effectiveness of the subsequent planned clinical procedure.

As he states in the blog, Thomas Goetz will devote his energy and knowledge to encourage improvements in this field. Therefore we’re looking forward to it.

Jordi Varela

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